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Our Services

Bespoke performance analysis and framework design

With trading becoming increasingly complex, performance analysis has taken on even greater importance. We can provide bespoke performance analysis for you or help you design your own in-house performance analysis framework, tailored specifically for your own investment and trading processes.  Unlike a traditional TCA provider offering canned reports and analytics, we work directly with you to help you leverage your data to provide custom analysis that meets your specific objectives.

See Case Study #1 for an example here

Broker algorithm customization and evaluation

Brokers not only provide a daunting number of algorithms, but they also allow for myriad ways to customize these algorithms. We can help you to customize broker algorithms to meet your objectives, help design a "algo wheel", and evaluate broker performance.

See Case Study #2 for an example here

Custom algorithm design

Often, clients find that broker algorithms simply can't meet their needs, even when customized. We have experience implementing algorithms from low-latency, event-based smart routers to multi-asset/multi-day portfolio algorithms, and everything in between. We can help clients design custom algorithms that meet their needs -- and avoid the pitfalls.

See Case Study #3 for an example here

Strategic and Tactical Consulting

As the trading landscape evolves, trading desks need to adapt.  Not just in the tools they use, but also in their overall approach to trading.  Should the desk be using more capital? Should it increase its use of electronics and automation?  We can work with you to develop detailed, actionable plans designed specifically for your trading objectives, allowing you to move beyond trade implementation toward greater alpha capture and lower trading costs.

See Case Study #4 for an example here

Ad Hoc and Retained Services

We provide both ad hoc and retained services to help clients with one-off and ongoing activities, such as broker evaluation, general TCA reviews of both internally-generated or third party TCA reports, briefings on market structure issues, or simply providing unconflicted advice as issues arise.   

See Case Study #5 for an example here

Educational seminars

As desks get smaller and complexity increases, traders are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of the changes going on in the marketplace. Plus, as new people join the team, desks that are already short-handed often don't have time to educate PMs and their trading teams on the latest developments. We can help by designing custom seminars tailored for your team. Examples include "How do algorithms really work?", "What is machine learning and how can we leverage it?" "How do I interpret all these trading cost measures?".

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