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The Bacidore Group

The Bacidore Group provides consulting and research services to buyside, sellside, and fintech clients, aimed at maximizing alpha capture and enhancing the investing and trading process.

Strategic and Tactical Consulting

We work with you to develop detailed, actionable plans designed specifically for your objectives, allowing you to move beyond trade implementation toward greater alpha capture and lower trading costs.

Bespoke performance analysis 

We can provide bespoke quantitative analysis on an as-needed basis or help you design your own in-house framework, tailored specifically for your own investment and trading objectives. 

Trading process enhancements

We design custom algorithms from the ground up or work with broker partners to implement data-driven customization rapidly. 

About Us

Our Founder and President, Jeff Bacidore, has over 20 years of experience in quantitative trading and investing across multiple asset classes. In his current role, Jeff has consulted with leading hedge funds, brokers, and fintech firms. Prior to founding The Bacidore Group in 2017, Jeff held senior positions at Goldman Sachs, Citadel, and Credit Suisse. Jeff has also taught at leading business schools, including Indiana University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Notre Dame. 


Jeff's work has been published his work in leading academic and practitioner journals, and he has presented at the NYSE, Nasdaq, SEC, and numerous professional and academic conferences. His work has been featured in leading business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. Jeff has also testified before the U.S. House of Representatives on market structure issues. His recent book on algorithmic trading, titled  Algorithmic Trading: A Practitioner's Guide, is used widely among practitioners and academics alike.


Jeff has a B.A. in Economics from Knox College, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Finance from Indiana University. While a junior at Knox College, Jeff was named a University of Chicago Business Fellow and attended the University of Chicago's Booth Graduate School of Business prior to completing his undergraduate degree. Jeff also received a Ford Foundation Fellowship for his research into equity market trading.

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Our Book

Algorithmic Trading:

A Practitioner's Guide 

provides portfolio managers, traders, and other finance professionals with in-depth information about how trading algorithms actually work in practice.

The information contained in the book is meant to be accessible to those who actually use trading algorithms and smart routers, and not simply those that design and build them.


In addition to covering how the most widely used algorithms work, the book also discusses how to most effectively evaluate algo performance.

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